Project Portfolio Analysis

Project Portfolios evolves in relation to how it is managed; multiple investment initiatives from a single, enterprise-wide control point. This more centralized approach, and resulting ‘single version of the truth’ for project and project portfolio information, provides the transparency of performance needed by Audit Committees to monitor risk.

The key aims of our approach can be summarized as follows:

  • Prioritize the right projects and programs: we can guide decision-makers to strategically prioritize, plan, and control enterprise portfolios. It also ensures the organization continues to increase productivity and on-time delivery - adding value, strengthening performance, and improving results.


  • Eliminate surprises: formal portfolio project oversight provides managers and executives with a process to identify potential problems early in the project lifecycle, and the visibility to take corrective action before impacting financial results.


  • Maintain response flexibility: with in-depth visibility into resource allocation, organizations can quickly respond to escalating emergencies by maneuvering resources from other activities, while calculating the impact this will have on the wider business.


  • Do more with less: For organizations to systematically review project management processes while cutting out inefficiencies and automating those workflows and to ensure a consistent approach to all projects, programs, and portfolios while reducing costs.


  • Ensure informed decisions and governance: by bringing together all project collaborators, data points, and processes in a single, integrated solution, a unified view of project, program, and portfolio status can be achieved within a framework of rigorous control and governance to ensure all projects consistently adhere to business objectives.

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