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Portfolio Analysis

Prioritize the right projects and programs:

Strategically prioritize, plan, and control the university's strategic initiatives. Ensure the organization sustains liquidity planning in the face of decreasing enrollments. 


Eliminate surprises:

Project oversight to provide the board and president with processes to identify potential problems earlier, and visibility to take corrective action before spending more money.


Maintain response flexibility:

Visibility into resource allocation, quickly respond to escalating emergencies by maneuvering resources from other activities, while calculating the impact this will have on the primary competency of the university.


Do more with less:

Systematically review project management rationalizing inefficiencies, automating workflows, sprint management disciplines with budget, to ensure a consistent approach to all of the university's investments.


Ensure informed decisions and governance:

Bring together all project collaborators, data points, and processes in a single, integrated solution. A unified view of project status achieved within this framework to ensure all projects consistently adhere to the objectives of sustaianability and growth.

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