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PMO Implementation

When establishing a Program Management Office, it is important to understand how the university is currently performing and the desired target state.

Institute common PMO functions:

  • Project and Program Governance.

  • Performance and Financial Management.

  • Risk, Issue and Scope.

  • Communications Management.


These functions can be applied at a project or program level depending on the organizational need.  By examining the daily execution of projects in the organization, the PMO can identify opportunities to align with the strategy of the board of trustees, project planning, knowledge sharing and status reporting.

Some recommendations could include:

  • Provide better decision making through gate reviews to mitigate risk.

  • Track program, project progress and identify risks to cost of capital.

  • Provide resource management and requests and commitments for projects.

  • Consult and mentor new staff on project management.

  • Build implementation plans and execute with staff.


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